An autumn day thermals

We approach the autumnal equinox.

That means, as everyone knows, that night and day are of equal length.

Which in turn means that the light is getting shorter and shorter. Sunlight is needed for good thermals and sunshine today was Saturday.

After cycled 2 [...]

FLIGHT abstinence struck TODAY ...

... So I went out with the model and accessories.

Weather outlook for the next few days is for hang gliders on the West Coast not too bright, with prevailing easterly winds.

The Friday morning boasted sunshine and weak easterly winds.

I can not fly hang, then [...]


In nature ... and the model aviator.

But I flew together with buzzards anyway ...

10 days ago I flew hang at the beach at the height of Tönnersa.

After the flight, which took place in glorious weather around [...]

Than once during thermalling ...

... I failed to photograph, what I was after.

Friday was a beautiful summer day with temp at 22-25grader and sunshine.

No wind to speak of so it was set for termikflyg.

The sky was cloudless, [...]

Just a little aerial FROM THE PLACE WHERE ...

... I and many of my age experienced winter adventures

and where I spent part of the summer holidays every year.

The place is called Gyltige about 20 km east of Halmstad and there were since ancient times ... a cottage named Gyltigestugan.


It's not every day ...

That ... I get to fly rotated with a bird of prey.

Thursday became a fine termikdag with bublande cumulus clouds throughout the day.

I did not come out until at 1300 but the conditions were perfect.

There was almost no wind and the like [...]


Then ... I am looking to fly for fun.

Now you hear what happened today Saturday, September 6, when I went down to one of my favorite places in the flight Tjärby church.

The weather was hot, about 23 degrees and the sun [...]

I JUST WANTED TO FLY OUT AND a little bit ...

After ... the small turbulence on my blog's to be or not.

To just fly in different forms, that's my interest.

The last few years I have flown a lot, as you might have noticed the posts on the blog.

Giving [...]


... Fly their model, because the conditions are so good.

On Monday promised easterly wind 3-6 m / sec and partly cloudy.

In my own mind I thought, that it might be nice termikväder. The wind was about 5-6 m / s bothers me not, [...]


Rain on Saturday and Sunday so I flew today.

Because I am a man who does not just sit and watch time go, I went out for a little thermalling with Ava.

The weather was pretty weak [...]

There is always something ...

... Unexpectedly when I'm out and fly ....

A charming girl from Gävle and spread joy.

Actually, I wanted to fly hang, but given the weather situation, I decided to drive down to Tjärby overhang for a termiksväng.

I [...]

A full flight day again ...

... I experienced on Monday.

Monday turned up with the same fine weather, as it had been last week. There was sunshine, cumulus at once, which said it could be fine termikflygväder.

The only cause for concern was the risk of thunder [...]


... But no AVA herbs anyway.

Then I am going with my Ava it never feels awkward, on the contrary, I look forward to every flight with my välflygande Wladimirmodell ..

Today, Thursday invited the weather on thermals and [...]

MODEL FLYING ...... ..but it blows JU ......

... Does not matter, because the plane flies in aerodynamic terms in relation to the surrounding air, not in relation to the ground.

Wednesday offered 30 degree heat, and I'm not complaining, because I would think of complaining, I see [...]


So ... I never need to look for arguments, so I'm going out with my models ...

Just this multifaceted sky with its various cloud makes it worth the trip!

It's just for me to stick [...]


On Saturday / Sunday we go to Ålleberg to see the great sailors and home-built engines ....

The 6, 7 and 8 June deterring IGG Meetinget and motorbyggarträffen

Then the pilots with their large sails models and those who have built their own engines and show up and [...]


Best ... to fly thermals?

Is it the birds or model aviators?

The immediate rapid conclusion is that to say that the birds have to be the best, for they have the air force in both the genes and the spinal cord.

We have [...]


It was perfect flying weather, at least for thermals ...

And ... I do not want to miss such a chance. So I put the head to one of my favorite places, as is the pendant at Tjärby church just north of Laholmsbukten.

Before the [...]

A persistent east wind. ...

... Which is pretty strong ...

I ... do not know the top priority with model airplane right now.

The wind, easterly, means that there is no good hang of flying on around here, unfortunately ..

Give me the engine and fly, I do not [...]

"Dancing with Wolves" is there a movie called ...

Fixed ... danced with wolves, I have never done, but I've been flying with kites and cranes!

Holy Saturday in 2014 invited in southern Halland on extraordinarily model flying weather for gliding machine that is eager to fly thermals. Weather man predicted almost no wind and the sun.