Curtain and thermalling ...

... It becomes Hamikflygning bundling it?

As you may have read in my previous post, I drove again down to Tönnersa Beach today to try to fly DS and that but a simple Zagimodell.

It was shown [...]

DREAM never disappear ...

... To get the sails fly full scale again.

I wish I could ...... renew my sailing certificate.

When I look at the following movies, playing my experiences of my full-scale sails flying up in the brain.

It comes back images of flying, people, exciting moment, sounds and [...]


... When it was 25 degrees, the thermals were good ...

... And you could sit in his chair in his shirtsleeves and fly.

I look out the window, just received after a bike ride in the snow storms / rain and strong wind. Självplågeri..javisst.


FIRST thermals 2015

Tuesday offered a warm weather ... and sunshine.

If no images and text appear right on your screen press CTRL + scroll, until it becomes Ok.

It looked to be a good day for flying, when it was weak temperature, sunshine and very light winds.


LARGE sailors Ålleberg

Enjoy and remember the summer!

There is something called the "Great Sailors 'and the criteria for calling a model for" Big Sailors' I can not, but it should be models with a span of at least 4 m.

Internationally, there is an organization called IgG, which is short [...]

Model airplane ARCHIVE

Some pictures from my huge archive of model airplane pictures.

Maybe it evokes memories late summer and the past year.

It makes it with me anyway. But now we have passed the winter solstice, so we are heading towards brighter [...]


I admit wholeheartedly, that the darker season gets harder and harder to live with, the older I get.

The light affect us greatly.

Or would I say, it affects at least me personally a lot.

Everything becomes easier, [...]

It was not long ago ...

... I could fly thermals under good conditions with Avan ...

but time grinds on and we move toward shorter days.

The only consolation is of course that it reverses 39 days.

Then the days grow longer again. [...]

A very light ELSEGLARE, AS ...

... You can fly in most places with.

As I previously wrote, I found at a round on the market one of Jack from Herrljunga models, he wanted to sell.

It was attractive to me when I wanted something, [...]


We are approaching the autumnal equinox.

That means, as everyone knows, that day and night are of equal length.

Which in turn means that the light becomes shorter and shorter. Sunlight is needed for good thermals and sunshine, it was now Saturday.

After cycling 2 [...]

FLIGHT abstinence struck the TODAY ...

... So I set out with the model and accessories.

Weather outlook for the next few days is for hang gliders on the west coast not too bright, with prevailing easterly winds.

The Friday morning boasted sunshine and weak easterly winds.

I can not fly hang, then [...]


... In nature and model aviator.

But I flew together with buzzards anyway ...

For 10 days ago I flew hang at the beach at the height of Tönnersa.

After the flight, which took place in glorious weather around [...]

Than once during thermalling ...

... I failed to photograph, what I was after.

Friday was a beautiful summer day with temp at 22-25grader and sunshine.

No wind to speak of so it was laid up for termikflyg.

The sky was cloudless, [...]

Just a little aerial FROM THE SITE WHERE ...

... I and many of my age experienced winter adventures

and where I spent part of the summer holidays every year.

The place is called Gyltige about 20 km east of Halmstad and there was since ancient times ... a cottage called Gyltigestugan.


It's not every day ...

... I get to fly rotated with a bird of prey.

Thursday became a fine termikdag with bublande cumulus clouds throughout the day.

I did not come out until at 1300 but the conditions were perfect.

There was almost no wind and the like [...]


... Then I'm out of flying for fun.

Now you hear what happened today Saturday, September 6th, when I went down to one of my favorite places flights at Tjärby church.

The weather was hot, about 23 degrees and the sun [...]


... For the little turbulence on my blog to be or not.

In order to precisely fly in different forms, that's my interest.

The last few years I have flown a lot, as you might have noticed the posts on the blog.

To give [...]


... Fly their model because the conditions are so good.

On Monday promised easterly wind 3-6 m / s and the partly cloudy.

In my own mind I thought, that it might be nice termikväder. That the wind was about 5-6 m / sec does not bother me, [...]


Rain Saturday and Sunday so I flew today.

Because I am a man who not only can sit and watch time go, I went out for a bit thermalling with Ava.

The weather was pretty weak [...]

There's always something ...

... Unexpectedly when I am out and fly ....

A charming girl from Gävle came and spread joy.

Actually, I wanted to fly hang, but given the weather situation, I decided to drive down to Tjärby overhang for a termiksväng.

I [...]