Hi, welcome to my blog.

My name´s Mats Strömberg, I´m Swedish, at present living in the Swedish
westcoast town of Halmstad, but if necessary I can move elsewhere.

My whole life, since the age of 7, has been devoted to my interest in aviation.
I have piloted light aircraft and flown remote controlled model airplanes
on numerous occasions. Moreover, I was once an enthusiastic paraglider pilot.

My other interests include hamradio and I hold a hamticket Extra Class
with the callsign SM6LMH.

I do have a good liking for beeing outdoors in natural surroundnings where
my interest is focused on birdspotting and photography. I also delight in
horseriding where mounting and riding quarterbreeds or Icelandic horses
gives me pleasure – not to mention the fact of beeing a warm admirer
of the pugh dog.

However there are things, things I really  abhor:
hypocritics pretending beeing of superior moral standards
and thick – skinned oppertunists.

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followed by legal action in a court of law.

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  Enjoy Life !