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                                       I got fed up searching for a paper clip

                                                         to reset my Mobius









One of my Mobius cams has been troublesome. I have to “reset”
the camera almost every time I am going to use it.

It just will not start without reset. I mean,  standing at the
ridge for som slope soaring , with the model in one hand
equipped with a Mobus on the nose and
the radio in the
other and then trying digging  into my pockets for
a paper clip…
No way !

Why this camera ,  I have a couple of them which work ok,
is like it is, 
I really do not know…

Yes I have a new battery, yes I have the latest firmware, yes I have
the correct sd-card.
Might be something wrong the lens hook-up…as the camera worked
fine with the “normal ” lens.


However, I had bought the camera with this lens and  I was determined
to use the  fawlty device anyway.

But I wanted to have the TOOL easy available !

This is how I solved it in a very low tech way.

0.7 mm pianowire is bent as per the photo.

Then you can see what to do.

One tip: The end of the pianowire going into the camera
pressing on the reset button should be degraded  in order
not damaging the button in the cam.

Making  this little fix has saved my nerves on numerous occasions !



0.7 mm pianowire is to be bent like this.
Make measurements on the camera for a nice fitting.


The pianowire is sliding in the slot between the two pieces of housing.
Cut the wire leaving abt 3 mm outside the reset acccess hole, as the wire
just touches the internal “reset” button..


Two pieces of tape does it…. the pianowire also
prevents the SD-card from ejecting unintentionally.

When you reset (e.g cuts the powersupply), the “click” is very
noticeable from the reset button as you press on the pianowire.

This is not rocket- or spacetechnology…  just a simple solution
getting rid of my starting up problem with my cam.