A glider´s  kit from the  70:ies 

is now available.









One of my friends,  Rolf Maier,  is now offering his untouched
model for the market.

The model will be delivered in it´s factory original paper box.

The name of the model is: “Song of Wind NJ-2”.

This kit is manufactured by the company, 

Jacson of Scandinavia,

which is located in southern Sweden. The company is
still busy on the market
  but now it is all about
horse equipment.

This is probably the only intact  kit available,  or even
the only model still remaining,  out of the very limited
batch of production. I am pretty sure this model was
the one and only produced by Jacson of Scandinavia,
so it is a very rare item.

The model is a glider with a  wingspan of 6-7 ft.
Controls are rudder and elevator. Engine pod  included.

Abachi covered polystyrene wing panels.

All parts in the box untouched and fresh out of factory
as more then
40 years ago.

This is a very unique oppertunity for the sincere and
collector / model enthusiast who wants to
laying his hands on this model

Price  is set to 3000 sek or better offer.

Inquiries and info  Rolf Maier: gliderking1@gmail.com

The item will be put on sale on Ebay within the next few weeks..