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Engine running with a new ignition system







I had ordered a new ignition system for Lennart´s 6 cylinder boxer engine.

I did find a company in Germany, http://www.becker-fm.de/ 

who could provide a system for 6-cylinder 4-stroke engines. The owner of
the company, Horst Becker was most helpful and we do recommend the company.

The gear arrived and it was complete. The only  item one has to add is the power source.

As the crankshaft did “stick out” through the backplate of the crankcase it was easy
to attach a wheel on which the magnets were to be inserted. 3 magnets were needed.
These magnets triggered the sensor and told the ignition when to deliver a spark.

The system worked right out of the box, but a word of caution, install the device
properly and follow the instructions provided.

As you can see on the video the engine is an easy starter. Using an electric starter
will save nerves and fingers…

The enginefaced some difficulties maintaining the top rev due to starving on fuel in
the carb. The engine will be modified with a new manifold with three carbs and
this will most certainly cure the problem and add another 3-400 r/min.

If anyone has any questions I will try to answer them via my blog or via E-Mail

Here some pictures. I am sorry  for the not so very good quality, but I was using
an inferior camera.

Next time you will be able to watch pics and video from a professional camera.



                                                                   The engine with it´s new ignition system. Noticeble are the relatively
thin cables for
 the spark plugs.

The Black Box mounted on the main engine bulkhead/firewall.

     The box is very well designed and easy to attach.

  Not very many cables. Power in, pulse in and 6 cables out. One for each spark plug.

    The caps for the spark plugs

                                                                 Looks nice and clean to me….

                                                                  You can see part of the carb  which is originally built for  a much smaller

                                                                   engine. The carb will be replaced by  a 3 new carbs.

                                                                  This i the manifold with it´s 3 carbs supposed to replace the current single carb.

                                                                Cables from another system compared to Beckers cables.

                                                                 Yeah, I wish I had owned this piece…..

                                                                Carb and exhaust.

                                                              This is the company making the engine run properly.

                                              The aluminum wheel Lennart fabricated and put on the crankshaft coming out thru
                                          the back plate of   the crankcase. It made it all so easy. The wheel is holding the 3
magnets giving pulses to the logic parts.

                                                                   Here you can see one of the very tiny magnets inserted. When the magnets are                                                                            attached one has to be very careful so the poles of the magnets are in the right direction.

                                                                    Work according to the instruction and do not jump any steps like you do when you

                                                                    are seting up a new tv-set…..

                                                                    Lennart Persson who just enjoyed listening to his wonderful SAWO

A small video, which will be followed by a much better after the engine has received it´s new carbs !