VETERAN gliders - Ålleberg 2012

For all the true aviation enthusiasts with a background as a glider pilot. ...

organized a Veteran gliding briefing on Ålleberg weekend.

Do you want to learn about Ålleberg so click on the link:

The weather report was talking about sunshine and 3.8 Cu on Saturday, so I decided to go there then. Distance from Halmstad 240 km approx

The entire route 26 was a long series of caravans / motorhomes on the road to some sort of competition in Halmstad area. But it did nothing, because I was going the other way.

Getting to Ålleberg is a special experience for a full-scale glider pilot. Since I lived there for quite a few years, you become the era of the place. To come back and feel all the memories awakened, is something I appreciate. To meet the old flight mates, where conversations almost always start with: "Remember when we ...".

Those who cherish and keep veteran plan in condition in the 90% old pilots between 50 and 100th

Ålleberg is what Wasserkuppe at Fulda in Germany, a gliding center. Ålleberg was laid out by the government in 1944 as the focal point for training of flight instructors and pilots. The state, say the Air Force, had an interest in getting trained as pilots because gliders at a low cost järmfört with regular training. It was based government grants to segelcert for many years. I think my was subsidized with 5-600 bucks in 1967.

As you can see in the pictures, is the Ålleberg a mountain plateau above the plains of Västergötland near Falkirk. It has a very nice fauna with rare plants and nature is varied and beautiful.

Ålleberg is always worth a visit!

I took a bunch of pictures and put up a couple and the left over is in a gallery for images.

So enjoy the views!

View of Falkirk from Western context.

Start Bridge on the West overhang. Constructed at the end of the 90's ... I think. The old bridge was torn.

View from the mountain northeast direction.



Bjorn from Hylte on the go up on the mountain.

The cleared osthanget.


He forgot the brakes. ...

A hefty iron stove in a De Havilland Tiger Moth.

It is clear that the aircraft is 78 years old, then the oil tank to be slightly dented.

Why make something complicated, when you can do so here?

SE-ALM built 1934 Would now fly with a lady who was 82 years, and whose husband was mech in this particular plan

She told me that she had flown this trailer in 1946 last time ... ..

Wonder how many times the body and hydrofoil is omdukade? Once every 12 years gives 6-7 times

If you dress with Oralight ...... nah but with linen cloth. If it does not come new material, of course.

Moth descent

A Kranich (crane) starts. Check instead. It lets you do when you come off.

Almost looks like a bomber from 1940.

This releases the pilot dolly.

Want to fly cab, so head to Ålleberg and air Slingsby.

Looks like an old English bus. Well it is English made. Teacher / pupil sits Siipyy side.

Kranichen in their element.

Piper Super Cub used for towing. Surely 50 years old.

Pretty spartan instrumentation in Slingsbyn:

From left: speedometer, variometer, Libelle, compass and altimeter.

Ålleberg with all its attributes. Could not be better!

Takeoff Tiger Moth.

Slingsbyn just before touchdown.

A J-3 Cub. A younger brother to Super Cub. Originally had a 45 HP, later a 65 hp Continental engine or Lycoming.

They were taken to Sweden by Albin Ahrenberg after the war, as American surplus.

Two techniques in the same context.

A moth is not lättlandad crosswind.

Kranichen lands. How old it is? Probably made ​​mid 40's so about 65.

A Grunau Baby fly from his shadow.

An Olympia 2-B in the trailer. Check the terrified dove ... Olympian was developed as a unit plan for Olympics

Helsinki 1940 Of the known causes, it became the certain encumbrances.

A hang-gliders in thermals. Hang pilots have their fields just below Ålleberg-.

I conclude with an image well is the essence of flight endeavor.



Click the PicLens!

A film about the landing with a Slingsby sail trailer:

The world's oldest airworthy de Havilland Tiger Moth. 76 year old.

See how to start the engine and follow the takeoff.


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